Letter To Education
Jul 23, 2019

EDUCATION,You create the most brilliant, inspiring, and creative people in the world. You foster and grow children into adults. You teach us lessons and love. You feed our mind, soul, and body. You nurture us. You make us who we are.The years we at AIM have worked for you have...

Zach Salesman - CEO, Owner
The Evil Twin In My House
Jun 07, 2019

You know what no one ever talks about…how sometimes you end up living with, and caring for, someone you don’t even like. Your mind probably goes to the place where you think I’m talking about a significant other or a roommate. Or if you’ve been raised in a culture different...

Susan Houser - Chief Knowledge Officer, Owner
The Hustle Part 1
Jun 05, 2019

It’s the constant feeling that the ground beneath you is moving. That every moment of every day you can feel and see ‘workable’ time slipping away. The need to allocate as much energy as possible into making things happen. Decisive moves. Yes and Nos. Soundbites. A drive and hunger to...

Zach Salesman - CEO, Owner
Rock Sandwich #1
May 23, 2019

Who in the hell coined the phrase “Sandwich Generation?” That makes this time in life sound substantial or pleasurable or sustaining…like something you’d want to have, right? Don’t most people like sandwiches? What a bunch of garbage. Sandwich generation my ass. I’d welcome a sandwich. I am about as far...

Susan Houser - Chief Knowledge Officer, Owner
Vulnerability Is The New Superpower
Oct 05, 2018

I spend most of my time studying; studying myself, studying other humans. I am intrigued by leadership psychology and the manner in which people lead themselves and organizations. I am not talking about managing, I am talking about leading. Often times I find myself researching concepts that collide but mostly,...

Lizzy Perez - School Leadership Director
Deciphering The Alphabet Soup Of Sped
Apr 29, 2017

The SPED world runs on acronyms and abbreviations which can be VERY confusing. Everywhere you turn someone is talking about scheduling an ARD to ensure FAPE (what IS that?!) because an IEP (come again?!) needs to be updated and an FIE is about to expire…. What does that mean?! Don’t...

Stephanie Villarreal - School Leadership Director
Timelines Visual Special Education Process
Feb 19, 2017

The Texas Education Agency in collaboration with the Education Service Center 18 have created a visual timeline for the process of Special Education. This can be very helpful in understanding the timelines of a process that can be very daunting to parents and service providers.

Lizzy Perez - School Leadership Director


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