Letter To Education

23 Jul 2019
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You create the most brilliant, inspiring, and creative people in the world. You foster and grow children into adults. You teach us lessons and love. You feed our mind, soul, and body. You nurture us. You make us who we are.

The years we at AIM have worked for you have made us into the pioneers, innovators, and curators we are today. We cherish that gift you have given us, because it has allowed us to grow further and provide better outcomes for more learners. They have been the most rewarding, challenging, happy, crazy, aha-ing moments we will probably ever experience. Some of those days we didn’t sleep and some of those days we couldn’t stop laughing. But those days inspire us to keep building AIM.

We wanted to help you reach more people, make a bigger impact, bring newer and bigger ideas, and help those who need it most; your staff and kids.

You made us want to be holistic, to not just look at the end, but the beginning. We wanted to make it easier for you to get the help you need, when you needed it.

Our team of LSSPs, SLPs, OTs, PTs, AI, VI, AT, LPCs, Dyslexia Specialists, Nurses, Sped Directors, and Principals, are here to be a solution for any need. We know whether it be a person on maternity leave, a complicated ARD, or just a single evaluation; we want to be there for you.

You’ve empowered us to challenge the status quo, stay true to being strictly education based, and finding only the best talent to solve complex scenarios. You’ve allowed us to be one of the most awarded education companies out there. While we are not always perfect, we are always listening when you talk and we are always grateful for our partnership.

We are ready to take new challenges head on, forge new partnerships, and conquer the new school year with you.

With much admiration and respect,

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