In San Antonio, we run a private clinic out of our office. This allows parents, individuals, or organizations seeking to help a struggling learner access to a team that normally would reside in a school. These services range from evaluations, therapy, and counseling. At the root of it, we seek to ensure that an individual can succeed at learning.

Learners come in all forms, preschool kids, school-aged kids, college students, adult students and everyone in between. Learning applies to not only school but to the developmental tasks needed to flourish in our lives.

AIM Knows that not all learners can get support from a public school system, where the majority of this evaluation/therapy happens. We also know as many families turn to medical providers, there is a difference between the way learning issues are identified and treated in the medical world and the educational world. They speak different languages. Learners and their families are often caught in the middle. We built Spark Assessment Center for learners who couldn’t or wouldn’t use a school for testing and diagnosis. My, how times have changed. Now, a typical Spark customer visits the office for:

At a traditional clinic, these services would have the intention of ‘solving’ the issue. At AIM, we not only want to help remedy the issue, but also find a way to ensure success in the educational setting.


We are focused on solving even the toughest cases. Before we start any evaluation, we listen to your needs. We listen to your challenges and successes and fears. We want to make sure we are the right fit for what you need. We then custom tailor the evaluations to fit you. We know a ‘one size’ fits all approach doesn’t work. If we think we aren’t the right place for you, we will tell you that. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll help you find what is.

Bridging Medical and School.

Ideally, there should be no gap between what your doctor says and what your school says. Realistically, we all know it’s not that simple. One of the benefits of being “in the field” for so many years is that we understand the school system inside and out. Our professional lives exist on the boundary between clinical practice and school law. We have lived through the legal and philosophical confusion of when medical-meets-educational. Our team works to build understanding between the medical model and the legal school model so students don’t get caught in the middle. We want you to get you the help you need personally and professionally.


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