Identifying dyslexia varies greatly from state to state. Some states don’t recognize dyslexia at all, some include dyslexia in their special education services, and some consider it to be a 504 disability.

In Texas, dyslexia is considered a 504 disability and possibly a special education disability. While Texas sorts out the confusion over the state of dyslexia, AIM is continuing to provide high quality evaluations that meet the state and federal guidelines, no matter where your child attends school. We have a team of experts at AIM with extensive experience in evaluating, treating, and providing consultation services for dyslexia. We include a comprehensive review of a student’s history, risk factors, and needs, in addition to an evaluation for characteristics of dyslexia and related disorders, such as dysgraphia.

In a school setting, we work with the guidelines determined by each district to evaluate students for dyslexia, to make recommendations for programming based on the options available in your district, and to explain the results of the testing to parents. We also provide comprehensive training to school staff who are struggling with their changing role in working with students with dyslexia. We understand the struggle, the frustration, and the ambiguity and we are here to help.


Let our highly qualified ASHA certified, Speech Language Pathologists, consult, evaluate and serve, to meet the needs of your child. AIM has experienced Speech Language Directors as well as monolingual and bilingual Speech Language Pathologists. Our SLPs enjoy working with all students regardless of disability.

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following?
What is Speech Therapy

Treatment to improve the speech of children who have difficulty producing age appropriate articulation, understanding and using language, using voice appropriate to age and gender, and/or producing fluent speech. Support is provided by a Speech Language Pathologist to facilitate speech and language growth.

Why is Speech Therapy important?

Speech Therapy can prevent delays in reading and decrease frustration and behavioral problems due to child’s inability to communicate and/or be understood

Private speech therapy is guided by the ASHA scope of practice and follows the five domains of professional practice and eight domains of service delivery.

AIM Speech Team offers:

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