AIM offers various services that benefit those of special populations. If you're a district employee, superintendent, counselor, or otherwise working in a school system and are in need of support, we've got it covered.

School Psychology

AIM was founded by school psychology professionals. We train school psychology graduate students. We teach school psychology courses at the university level. We live and breathe school psychology. While the traditional view of school psychological services is probable limited to testing and maybe counseling, we know that supporting schools requires much more than that.

Our school psychologists are trained to support schools in the areas of consultation, RtI, behavior, professional development, mentoring, supervision and ARD/MDT participation. Education is changing and so are the students that we are meeting. The shortage of mental health professionals, including school psychologists, has pushed us to expand our concept of the school psych beyond just one evaluator with one test kit working with just one kid.

How can we use our existing resources to care for a group of students who are growing in number and growing in complexity? AIM looks for ways to incorporate other trained professionals in our evaluations such as dyslexia specialists or diagnosticians. We spend considerable time gathering referral data so we can be as focused as possible when we evaluate. We incorporate technology in our testing methods, our writing, our quality assurance and our project management to maximize efficiency.

Models for AIM’s school psychology services might include everything from a 5-day a week, on-campus person to an evaluator who just visits when there are overflow cases to be done. Our staff is trained in special education software and familiar with medicaid billing processes. In addition to assessment, we are available for bilingual evaluations, IEEs, supervision of your own school psych employees or grad students, in-home training evaluations, FBAs, professional development, mentoring new staff or providing clinical oversight to veteran staff.

Whether you need to fill staff openings or just strengthen the team you already have, we’re available to customize options to fit your unique needs.

Speech Services

Assessment Intervention Management, AIM, has a highly trained speech staff that shares a passion for conducting educational speech evaluations and providing speech therapy. Both evaluations and therapy are appropriate to the educational setting supporting academics. Our speech staff are knowledgeable and trained in a variety of IEP computerized programs and enjoy working with all students regardless of disability.

We have experienced Speech Language Directors as well as monolingual and bilingual Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathologist- Assistants

AIM Speech staff specializes in the following areas:
AIM speech staff is prepared to help with:

Federal Programs

Bilingual and English as a Second Language Education Program

Our team of experts will provide guidance and support on programming needs of English Language Learners. We assist with eligibility criteria, initial identification processes and procedures, reclassification of students, collaborative support with other special programs, and professional development and coaching for staff.

RTI Development, 504 Compliance

Our team provides support, and guidance in the development of solid, research-based RtI processes and procedures. We will also assist with overseeing compliance of Section 504 services.

Behavior Services


In addition to academic needs, students may display behavioral needs. AIM helps guide schools in providing appropriate behavioral supports to address the identified needs. All students benefit from classroom-wide positive behavioral supports. AIM consults with campuses to review behavioral data, refine current behavioral supports, identify students who may require additional behavioral supports, and provide guidance in that support provision.


AIM provides comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) that focus on identifying the function or purpose behind a behavior, assesses a plan and interventions, and uses multiple sources of information to create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)/Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

AIM provides Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Technicians who provide evidence-based practices in order to teach and implement positive behavioral strategies. BCBAs assist with designing and implementing programs and interventions, and also oversee programs and interventions implemented by RBTs


Identifying dyslexia varies greatly from state to state. Some states don’t recognize dyslexia at all, some include dyslexia in their special education services, and some consider it to be a 504 disability. In Texas, dyslexia is considered a 504 disability and possibly a special education disability.

While Texas sorts out the confusion over the state of dyslexia, AIM is continuing to provide high quality evaluations that meet the state and federal guidelines, no matter where your child attends school. We have a team of experts at AIM with extensive experience in evaluating, treating, and providing consultation services for dyslexia. We include a comprehensive review of a student’s history, risk factors, and needs, in addition to an evaluation for characteristics of dyslexia and related disorders, such as dysgraphia.

In a school setting, we work with the guidelines determined by each district to evaluate students for dyslexia, to make recommendations for programming based on the options available in your district, and to explain the results of the testing to parents. We also provide comprehensive training to school staff who are struggling with their changing role in working with students with dyslexia. We understand the struggle, the frustration, and the ambiguity and we are here to help.


General Education and Special Education

AIM is able to provide general and special education counseling given by licensed professionals

Social Skills

AIM provides social skills training that teaches children how to utilize communication skills to interact with others successfully. Social skills can be directly taught and practiced either in a one on one setting or in a group to help foster and generalize skills needed to cultivate better relationships with others and enhance communication skills.


AIM provides high quality Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) in virtually all areas of evaluation. All of our evaluators have worked in the school setting and are very familiar with the requirements of a school-based evaluation, so you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality product that will be useful to an IEP team.

AIM provides related services to students in special education in order to ensure IEP goals are met.

These services are available for students with disabilities attending public schools who have an individualized educational plan in place. All public schools receiving federal funds are required to offer special education services to students who are eligible. AIM can offer these services by professionals who have worked in schools previously and understand the educational model approach. We have professionals in Texas and Nevada who are trained to provide services and follow federal and state legal guidelines for school settings.

BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)

Have someone in your district who is getting their BCBA and needs a supervisor to complete their hours? We can help.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) - a unique empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behavior change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility and grit. ABA therapy - We specialize in Impulse Control, teaching Self-Regulation Skills, Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Play Therapy, Joint Attention, Verbal Behavior, Self-Management Skills, Social and Functional Skills, Community Skills, Inclusion Skills, Vocational Skills, and Generalization of Skills.

PEERS Curriculum Certified teacher - PEERS is a 16-week evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated adolescents in middle school or high school who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends. It was originally developed at UCLA by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, Founder and Director of the UCLA PEERS® Clinic, and Dr. Fred Frankel in 2005 and is one of the only EVIDENCE-BASED social skills curriculums out there.

Sped 360

Interim Sped Director Support

AIM provides Interim Special Education Director to support your district/organization for a period of time based on current needs. The time frame for support is decided by the district. The scope of work will include what your district/organization requires of that role.

We have experienced special education directors/administrators who can provide a wide range of services. Some of the services/supports available from an Interim AIM Special Ed administrator are listed below.

Special Ed Director Consultation

Consultation is available on a variety of topics from experienced administrators. Special Education directors are available via email, phone, or in person for consultation on a broad range of Special Education topics, such as staffing, compliance, grants, ARD meetings, etc. This includes legal updates.

ARD facilitation

Our team will provide support from experienced special education administrators trained in Facilitated IEP meetings and mediation practices.

Tiered Professional Development

Special Education Academy, including half-day and full-day trainings. Topics include, but are not limited to:

State and Federal Monitoring

Our team will provide monitoring of compliance indicators per state and federal requirements.

State and Federal Funding Guidance

Assistance and support with state and federal grants for special education funding.

Program Development

Our team will provide guidance on program development and grant funding for your district.


Two customized audits per year. Audits can include compliance indicators but will highlight quality aspects/needs of a program or service.

Program Reviews

Our team will complete a customized program review focusing on data analysis, parental input, staff input, and a thorough analysis of critical success factors, as well as areas for improvement. This will include drafting a plan to address these concerns.


A unique direct number for your staff to access our experts for any questions or advice after hours.

Customized Special Education Tools

Our team will help you develop and implement customized software that your team can utilize to track data, manage caseloads, improve communication, centralize information, etc. You’ll receive consultation with our staff to go through the process of taking your ideas and designing it to fit your needs.

Staffing Needs Assessment

Our staff may review, upon request, your current staffing ratios with a practical approach to assist you with determining appropriate staffing for a variety of special education services.

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