As former school district employees, AIMers have seen the world of education from the inside out. Now as education partners, we see it from the outside looking in. This unique perspective has helped us understand how families are constantly struggling to navigate the worlds of school-based eligibility and medical-based service models. Confusing, right? AIM is here to help guide you.

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Health, wellness, or safety & security issues derail students’ learning too often. Something as simple as needing glasses (that the family can’t provide) becomes a roadblock in the process of learning and advancing. Kids are struggling, and they need wrap-around support that’s just too broad and far-reaching to be the sole responsibility of the school. AIM as a private company has the opportunity to be nimble and creative in the ways we can approach student challenges. Simply understanding the challenges our kids face everyday puts AIM in the position to listen for solutions as we partner with those in our community.

We’re here to provide school based / school specific services that adhere to school & legislative requirements. We will assess what your company / school needs and give a comprehensive list of services to choose from, including but not limited to Nursing, School Psychology, Speech Pathology, OT, PT, Counseling & General Ed Services.

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Your students’ health and wellness are of paramount importance to promoting their academic success. AIM will collaborate with you to tailor services that will ensure your campus’ nursing needs are met and to make sure that your school meets state health requirements.

Creative Solutions

Creative solutions to meet complex needs economically with a community approach.

Nursing Professional Development

Health Trainings, tailored to your particular needs including mini sessions, half-day, and full-day trainings. Topics include, but are not limited to:

AIM will work with you to tailor trainings to your school and staff needs. We offer an entire panel of leadership trainings and professional development services!

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