AIM provides educational based services to public schools, private schools, preschools, daycares, universities, city and state entities, and privately to individuals and families. Some examples of these services range from individual evaluations, therapy, professional development, audits, instructional assistance, coaching, wellness programs, and community initiatives.

On staff AIM has Psychologists, LSSPs, Speech Pathologists, Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Special Education Directors and Coordinators, AI Teachers, VI Teachers, Orientation and Mobility specialists, Assistive Technology specialists, Nursing, Principals, Dyslexia Interventionists, Certified Dyslexia Evaluation staff, English as a Second Language program support and Behavior specialists (BCBA/RBT), and General/Special Education Teachers. All reports and therapy are monitored to comply with state and federal guidelines. The level of services provided complies with supports and services listed in IEPs.

The Spark Assessment Center based in San Antonio has now merged with AIM. We will still run the private clinic out of our San Antonio office. The purpose of the clinic is to provide highly specialized and world class quality evaluations and therapy. But at an affordable family approach cost perspective. The clinic was created to help service families and individuals. We decipher why people aren’t learning. We assess students, young and old, to reveal the underlying issues preventing success in their educational environments. If there is a mystery, we’ll solve it. We help students get the support they need in school, at home, and the community. We help families cut through the red tape by writing all our reports in compliance with state and federal education law. Therapy will come from an educational perspective with the intention of gaining success in the students educational setting.


Ensure Federal and State compliance , while also ensuring ongoing training is provided to staff. Our admins will audit any and all new incoming records at the beginning of the year


Whether you are special education director, principal, or a superintendent, we want to help your students. We partner with public schools, private schools, and universities to provide holistic services to learners. Our team consists of individuals who come from a background of working in education. Some examples of what we are capable of doing are doing just one evaluation, covering therapy for a maternity leave, filling a vacancy for the year, managing a department, or providing multi-series professional development across the district.


Remote Education Services Are Your Best "Plan B" Welcome to the new normal. Learning has gotten pushed out of the classroom and it’s happening in new ways, new contexts, and new locations as we speak. We’re all rising to the challenge of continuing to educate our kids, despite the obstacles the pandemic has put in our paths. Let’s face it, change rarely happens when everything is going well. Change is hard. Change is often unexpected. Change is also a chance to reinvent ourselves. At AIM, the challenge has been to see educational services, therapy, and evaluation through a new lens.


In San Antonio, we run a private clinic out of our office. This allows parents, individuals, or organizations seeking to help a struggling learner access to a team that normally would reside in a school. These services range from evaluations, therapy, and counseling. At the root of it, we seek to ensure that an individual can succeed at learning.